You need to present the Keys of the car, registration document (V5C) of the vehicle, locking wheel nut key if in case your car has alloy wheels, any other paperwork you may have for the car.
We aim to deliver you an instant service and close the deal the same day. The time required to remove the vehicle is between 5-10 minutes, this includes the time taken to load the car on the recovering vehicle. However, if you are at a remote location or the car condition demands more efforts, the time of removal will increases accordingly.
No, Your presence while we collect the car is not mandatory. You may ask a family member / friend / neighbour to represent you. We require the essentials as mentioned in Question number 1, ensure that the person present on your behalf has all of them.
Fret Not, as this is not a big deal. However, to complete the formalities you need to provide us with some proof of ownership. This helps us to close the deal with due legal formalities.
Once you settle for the quote, all you need to do is hand over us the required essential and sit back and relax as we remove the car from your place.
We are sorry, we do not accept a car without wheels. Picking up a car without wheels is a troublesome task hence we highly appreciate if you offer us any vehicle for scrap or sale that has its wheels intact. It will save the time of both you and us.
Yes, we can. All you need to do is keep your paperwork and car keys readily available and you can call us anywhere for the pickup; your home or workplace.
We ensure you that you will get the best price of your vehicle and it is our commitment to secure you the genuine price until the deal closes. We follow strict no-tolerance policy for any unjustified price change. However, if the reasons are genuine that is, if you have taken out any parts or some parts missing which was not reported to us earlier we may consider it as a case of misleading and the price may vary than what was quoted.
Yes of course and payments can also be made at any time. We will endeavour to collect and pay for the vehicle at a convenient time for you.
You are entitled to a road tax refund on any full remaining months left on your road tax, which will automatically be refunded to you by the DVLA. They will send the refund within 4 weeks by post to the car owner’s address on their records, so it’s important that you keep them up to date. You can also sell your car with no road tax on it.
We will not attempt to take the vehicle until you have been paid for the vehicle.
It could be either but it is normally down to how you have described the vehicle. If you have told us the vehicle is a non-runner or an end of life or scrap car / scrap van then it will most definitely be a truck that collects.
Yes, you should get a letter from them confirming that you're no longer responsible for the car. If you don't receive this letter within four weeks, you should contact DVLA.
If you have a personalised registration (also known as a cherished or private plate) that you wish to keep, you must transfer or retain it before you sell or scrap your car, otherwise you'll lose it.
Once we have agreed a price for your car that you are happy with, we will arrange to come to you and collect it. This normally happens on the same day. On other occasions it may only be convenient for you if we come a few days later. Our professional drivers will collect your car and make the relevant paperwork and vehicle checks, this usually only takes a few minutes. Once this is complete we pay you. The whole process typically takes around 15 minutes from the driver’s arrival to you.
Please tell us as soon as possible if after accepting the quote you decide that you don’t want us to collect your vehicle.
We'll research and locate the branches or scrap yard around your local area, with maps and operational hours. The details shall be sent to you once the quote is approved. Keep the reference number of your vehicle, identification, quotation copy, car paperwork ready when you plan to drop off your car. It’s always best to speak to our representative before you plan on arranging a drop yourself.
Your data is safe with us, we will not pass your data onto any third party sources.
Yes, we may even be able to make you an offer for the car.
We need your email address and phone number to send you relevant information about your appointment. We also may need to contact you regarding the appointment or if we are unable to locate you and your vehicle during collection.